The Lowdown on Carpet Tile Patterns

Carpets are able to serve many different functions and purposes in embellishing house designs while enhancing their beauty at the same time. Apart from the wide range of colours you can choose from, there are several patterns you can consider to complete the overall look or theme of each room. Some designs can work and match the setup of furniture and shape of the area, but it helps to be familiar with the basic patterns usually used for manufacturing carpets.



Evenly sided squares can be arranged to form a pattern that resembles a chess board. This pattern is easily to replicate, and it works well with complementing geometrical outlines in the room. It looks good under tables and couches, and you can play around with other different colour combinations as well. You can even go crazy and use negative space in creating more imaginative forms.


This tile pattern is fairly common in most hotels, but it’s quite a shame that not everyone is familiar with its name. Tessellations are based off one core design or image, and it will be moulded in a strategic way to fit other replications into its sides and corners. A good reference is the way honeycombs are stacked with their six sides perfectly fitting other shapes of the same dimensions. In carpets, there is often a mixture of polygons to ensure that the pattern will flow smoothly. Complex tessellations are quite interesting to look at, and it adds a sense of formality in presenting a room.

Images or Icons

Some designs are made with only a few basic images or shapes included. This is mostly done for branding, but it can also be a good way to introduce your product when placed in a business site. Various geometric shapes arranged in an artistic manner can make the carpet appeal more to the viewer. It’s also a good way to provide contrast with a simple piece of furniture such as a coffee table.


The use of plain patterns is only ideal for permanent installations like those on kids’ rooms and hallways, since they receive frequent traffic. It should also be noted that children are much more prone to spilling stuff, making it difficult to ensure that the colours are properly maintained after cleaning.


If done right and with enough consultation from design experts, a combination of carpet pattern types will do wonders in making your room uniquely pretty. Imagine a design where the backdrop is a basic warm colour with some hints of shapes that remind you of the beach. It would look nice in a beach house or a tropical themed apartment.

These patterns are just some of the basic types you would often see in today’s modern homes. In the end it would all boil down to your design concept and how the carpet will figure in the final setup. Do not settle for only one option and share your thoughts with experienced designers and consultants. When you find the right pattern fit for your carpet, you will eventually get to look at it every day without regrets.

Sam Cleveland is a Blog Enthusiast and Writer for Choices Flooring – an Australian company known for carpet and other flooring. As a nature-lover himself, Sam often takes time travelling or camping at least once a month. Nature can give you freedom and a priceless beauty.