The Permissible Home Alterations That Do Not Require Special Permission

One can never be satisfied with their house, there is always something that we can add to make it better. People keep on renovating and adding things to the house in order to make it better day after day. However, there are laws that restrict a large number of renovations and extensions.

Here is a list of all the renovation works that are permissible by the law and do not need you to take permission from the state. One should be very cautious about these constructions. If you construct any part of the home without permission, you will be subjected to demolition. In addition, demolition of a part of the house weakens the whole structure.

Here is a list of home alterations that you can do without seeking any permission

Interior Jobs

It is permissible to have almost every kind of interior work at your home without seeking permission for the same. The interior does not affect the society. Whatever alterations you make only concerns you, so there are no laws preventing you from doing the same. However, for your own safety there are a few guidelines for the same. There are restrictions when you try to make structural changes, which most people never do.

Garage, Sheds and Other Outbuildings

These are permitted constructions and do not require you to seek permission. However, you need to make sure that there is no inconvenience to the neighbours or any other social issues. There is a limit of four meters of height on such constructions.

Windows and Doors

You can add any number of doors and windows to your home, there is no rule that stops you from adding doors or windows. However, the only restriction that you need to take care is that when adding windows make sure that the neighbours do not object them.

External Walls and Roof

External walls and roof is the shield of the house against the weather, they are damaged very often. So, there is no restriction on repairing them. However, if the property is listed, you will need to seek permission. There is another clause in this kind of repair. If you are in a heritage area or an area that has scenic importance like a classic look neighbourhood near a lake that is a place of tourist interest etc., you will have to seek permission from the authorities before altering the look.

Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

There is no restriction if you are thinking to go green. However, if you are thinking to set up a permanent wind turbine, you will have to seek permission. In most of the cases, the permission is given as it is a noble cause for the welfare of the mankind.


When you are thinking to extend your house, add space, increase height of the building etc. you will need to take permission in most of the cases. It is very ambiguous and it is strongly recommended to seek permission from an expert before such construction.

These are guidelines to follow if you want to make alterations at your home. It is recommended that you consult an expert with experience in conveyancing quotes London to seek proper guidance.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.