The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Garden for a Wedding Reception

With finances tight for everybody these days, everybody needs to save cash. That is why many people now host their wedding reception in their garden. Doing so can save you loads of money. When you start planning a wedding, you will find that venues are expensive to hire. If you plan to get married during the peak wedding season, many places boost their prices. That means that you could end up spending a huge amount of your budget on the venue. Having a reception in your garden means that you will have to decorate the area. Before you plan your reception, read this guide to help you make the most of your garden.

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Seating Arrangements

When you host a wedding reception, you will need proper seating for all your guests. If you have fifty or more guests, you may need to hire some seats and tables for your event. Use a local events company to hire your seats and tables. Often these companies will try and sell you seat covers and tablecloths for your event. Remember, you can get cheap seat covers and tablecloths from a thrift store or a fabric warehouse. All you need is some simple white fabric. That style looks classic for any wedding reception.

Entertainment Systems

If you are planning to have some entertainment at your wedding reception, you should consider getting TVs. When the band is playing, you can set up a live stream to the TV screens so that everybody can see the band. You can do the same thing for your speeches. You will need to install an entertainment system in your yard so that you can protect the TVs when they are on. Try these outdoor TV enclosures to make sure that your electronics are safe.

Flowers and Decorations

When you are decorating your yard for your wedding reception, you should work with the current color scheme in your garden. For example, if you already have loads of daffodils in your garden, you should opt for a yellow theme throughout the event. Working against the things that are already in your garden will make your wedding look tacky. Look for yellow place settings and centerpieces for your tables. That way everything in your yard will match, and it will look great. You can even pick some flowers from your garden to use as extra decoration. Doing so will give your wedding reception a natural, bohemian vibe.

Tents and Coverage

It is vital that you get a large tent for your wedding reception. There is one thing that you can’t predict on your wedding day, and that is the weather. That means that you need to have a sheltered area where people can socialize if the weather is bad. You can hire a large tent from an events company or look for bargain deals online. It is not advisable to try and put the tent up yourself. In the lead up to your wedding, you will have a million things to plan. The last thing you want to worry about is putting up a giant tent.

Balloons and Banners

If you have an outdoor reception, some colorful balloons will create a whimsical atmosphere to the area. You can design individual banners and balloon prints and order them online. Many companies specialize in creating bespoke decorations. That means that you will have total control over the look of your decorations. When choosing pieces for your wedding reception, you should keep to your color theme. Using too many different colors in your decorations will make the event look cheap. Stick to white and one other color when it comes to decorations.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.