The Versatility of Throws and Blankets

Throws and blankets are a great accessory for any bedroom but they can also complement any room of the home. They can offer practical warmth, protection for furniture, and a style solution to add colour and pattern to a neutral decor. Here are some of the best ways to make the most of your throws.


It can be difficult to think of great housewarming gifts, especially as people get older and have accumulated many of their home essentials already. Throws and blankets make great presents as they have so many uses and can show a lot of thought if their style and pattern reflects the personality of the receiver.

Furniture Protection

Use throws on your sofa and chairs to protect them, especially if you have pets or children. Throws can simply be put in the washing machine, making pet hairs and stains far less of a problem.


Revamp your Headboard

Drape a throw or blanket over your upholstered headboard for a completely new look. You can even have different ones to suit whatever mood you are in by choosing from the endless range that is available. These can be kept in place using Velcro and can easily be thrown in the wash.

Colourful Addition

Liven up neutral chairs and sofas with a colourful throw placed over the back and tucked under the cushions to keep it secure. You can also whip it off in the evening to provide you with a cosy covering for an after-dinner nap.

You can also fold a thin throw lengthwise and then drape it across the arms of your sofa or chairs. This makes it even more easily accessible and yet provides a really stylish touch to your living room.

Do not be afraid to drape throws and blankets over high-backed chairs, either. They can really soften the lines and make a cosy and inviting spectacle in any room. Interior designer Nina Campbell suggests using fabrics such as these to pull the whole design of a room together. Check out her advice at

Personalise Beds

Make the most of simple bedding by folding a throw and draping it across the foot of the bed. Choose a pattern if you have a plain duvet or a solid colour that picks out a shade on your duvet if it already has a design.

This is a great way to make guest rooms feel more welcoming or to add a personal touch to your own boudoir. A thin throw can also make the prefect duvet replacement in the warmer summer months or a thicker version can make a large bed feel cosier or add style to a pair of twins. Try a faux fur throw to add the ultimate in sumptuous luxury to any bed.

Take them Outside

Drape throws and blankets over garden furniture to provide the perfect environment for cosy evening entertainment. Light some candles, put the sausages on the barbecue, and invite your friends over for a relaxed dinner and a drink. For more information visit here at .

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