Things That Moving Companies Will Not Tell You

Things That Moving Companies Will Not Tell You

You have spent thousands of dollars on a new house and now hiring a moving company can nearly seem like an afterthought. To make sure that you don’t end up paying unexpected charges and relocating with damaged belongings, make sure that you carefully pick a mover and ask the right questions. But there are some things moving companies prefer not to let customers know.

Service Must be Quick

If you are moving just within your state, you may have to pay a few people in a truck based on the hour they do the move instead of a flat fee. Thus, if the person working as a mover on Manhattan is slow at work, the company will have to pay more for less work. In other words, moving companies would want their people to do the job quickly to avoid extra incentives.

Save Some Bucks by Disassembling your Furniture on Your Own

It is also important to remember that companies paid by the hour will have to disassemble and reassemble anything that is quite big so they can get out of the door. This can take plenty of time if you have big furniture. Just like any transaction, it comes to do valuing time. If you think that it spending time to take your bed, for instance, apart, and putting it back together is really worth how much you can save, then break out your toolbox.

Obtain an In-Home Quote

Certainly, you will not be able to know how much time movers have to break down the bed until they have seen it. This goes for each aspect of the move: The quotes that you obtain from a good moving company on time and costs should be based upon an on-site inspection. Have an in-house estimate so that the mover can accurately estimate the moving costs. Remember though that a number of rogue movers tend to offer estimate over the phone than charge customers more during the moving day as they claim there was items than they expected. Also, know that you are entitled to have a full quote in writing that must itemize each charge related to the move.

Get Many Quotes

In terms of obtain a quote; allow market competition work for your specific situation. Moving companies would like you to accept their offer without considering other offers. However, you are likely to end up not having the best value for your dollar or paying too much. Obtain a minimum of three written estimates but never pick the lowest price. Just like any other service or product, you wish the best combination of cost and quality. Have written and itemized estimates from many movers in your area then select the one that seems best.

Check the Credentials

In order to avoid misconduct or scams, you will want to stick with a reputable and licensed mover in New York City. You can check off boxes to makes sure that you work with a legitimate moving company. In case you are moving from a state to another, the mover should be registered with the FMCSA. And for your property’s sake, ensure that the moving company provide liability insurance as the law requires.

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