Three Tips for Picking the Right Furniture for Your Living Room

When you decide it’s time to make some changes in your living room, or maybe you move into your first home and want to set up your space to be excellent right from the start, it helps to have an idea of what type of furniture you’re going to want and need. There is a lot that goes into picking furniture, it’s not just about color or texture. You also want to consider who is going to be using that furniture.

A living room without furniture isn’t much of a living room. You do want to consider the decor in your room, the colors of the carpet and drapes/curtains, and you want to consider the meanings of colors as well. If you want a happy living room then you want bright happy colors.

Furniture for the Guests

Having enough space for all of your guests to sit is an important part of having an inviting living room. You don’t want to have a living room that is just full of chairs. Starting with your couch and loveseat as bases for seating you can then add a little something more depending on the space you have.

You might want a recliner, which is a great chair for anyone that works all day and wants someplace comfy to relax and watch TV after a long day. This type of chair usually ends up being one person’s favorite seat, though, so you’ll want some nice chairs, like these wing chairs, for guests that spill over from the couch and loveseat.

Comfy Spots for the Family

Your couch, loveseat, and that recliner are all going to be wonderfully comfortable family spots. A couch allows a space for kids to climb all over everyone that visits. And it and the loveseat give you a spot to yell at the dog and cat to get down as well.

Kids may also enjoy something fun like beanbags as furniture. They let them sit on the floor in comfort, are fun to climb around in, and they easily stack out of the way when they aren’t in use. They are also available in all sorts of fun colors and styles. You can even get them for your kid’s own rooms!

Party Time Setup

If you host parties at your home, whether you’re selling Tupperware or having the family over for Thanksgiving, you need to have some excess sitting room for guests. Even if you’re having a meal in the dining room there will often be a move to the living room, whether it’s simply for comfort or it’s for a family holiday movie.

Invest in a good card table, or craft table, and some folding chairs. These are easy to store away, even in a small closet, but they open up to give you space for gaming, a kids table, or a spot to play cards.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.