Tips and Tricks for Keeping the Drains in Your Home Unclogged

Tips and Tricks for Keeping the Drains in Your Home Unclogged

If you don’t have a problem with all of the drains in your house getting clogged up by random, gross, and mysterious gunk, then you might not be human. Either that, or the entire world needs your secret, because clogged drains are the worst, and they’re practically impossible to avoid, it seems!

For those who do know what it’s like to have a shower drain backed up to the point that when you take a shower you feel like you’re taking a bath, and when you brush your teeth or wash your hands, the sink takes 5 minutes to drain, a little panic button in your heart goes off.

You hope the problem will take care of itself because you know that the wad of hair and soap and who knows what else that you’re going to have to pry out of the drain is going to be nasty enough to make you puke. You obviously need solutions to help the problem desist, as well as take care of it when it does happen.

Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your drains unclogged:

Manage Your Hair in the Shower

People lose hair. It happens. There’s no way around it. Men and women are both susceptible. Because women often have longer hair and are standing in the bathroom or the shower brushing away at it or teasing it to the moon, it’s more likely to fall out and get everywhere and cause issues.

If you don’t want to have to get the clog out of the drain, manage your hair better. When you’re shampooing and conditioning, take whatever is falling out and wad it up on the shower wall for the time being. Once you’re done showering, the key is to not leave it there. If you do, somebody will get mad at you, or the hair will just fall off the wall and into the drain anyways. Once you’ve finished showering, grab the hair and throw it in the garbage. It’s simple as that.

Clean Your Brush Consistently

Most people are going to have a web of hair built up in their hairbrush. This isn’t healthy for your hair because when you brush, the fibers of your hair stuck in the brush are getting in the way of the brush doing its job on the hair that is in your head. It just might be causing you to lose more hair.

If you clean your brush constantly and take care of any hair that falls in the sink while you’re doing your thing in the morning, you won’t have problems. Just make sure that you’re sweeping up what’s on the floor and being intentional about throwing your hair away. That way it doesn’t end up in your drains causing issues that are seemingly impossible to fix.

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