Tips for Styling a Rustic Wedding

Decorating your wedding can be difficult, sometimes you might be constrained by your budget other times by your accessibility to certain products. However when it comes to styling a rustic wedding these issues can be easily avoided. The appeal of rustic styled weddings is that they can be wholly decorated with do-it-yourself ideas and still look polished. To inspire your inner wedding stylist we’ve put together a few ideas for decorating your rustic wedding.


Rustic weddings are most commonly associated with notions of romance and the most romantic way to light up your wedding is with candles. Tea light candles are perfect for your rustic wedding, they tie in effortlessly with your theme and are so affordable that you can go a little crazy adding them almost everywhere. Tea light candles look best when they are used to complement a central feature whether that is a floral centrepiece or a collection of larger candles. There are no rules when it comes to laying out candles because thankfully no matter how they are arranged or presented they always look amazing. Candelabras add the perfect touch of drama yet maintaina rustic charm. While varying sizes and colours for candle holders and vases will also look great together on your tables.

rustic wedding-style

Mason Jars

Who doesn’t love a mason jar? Mason jars are perfect for rustic weddings, can be purchased for great prices online and can hold both your flower arrangements and candles. You might decide to stray a little from the norm and instead use your mason jars to display photos of you and your partner.You can even choose to put party favours inside them, like candy. Another clever idea is to put messages for your guests or display meaningful quotes inside your jars. If none of those ideas are for you, you might instead prefer to leave your jar empty and make the jar itself the focal point. To do so you can simply wrap a thin strip of fabric around the jar in a colour matching your theme and then tie a bow around the fabric using either ribbon or twine.

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Every wedding décor has a place for flowers, rustic weddings especially. Flowers can truly be the focal point for your wedding decorations flower arrangements  and will look fabulous in vintage, shabby chic vases and bottles or even tin buckets. Your flowers can be hung from the ceiling in breathtaking holders or placed on the floor in beautiful wooden plant boxes, the options are truly endless and can be made to suit any budget.

Burlap, Twine and Lace

Adding burlap to your table décor is the perfect way to lay the foundation for your wedding decorations. Use burlap as either a table runner or add it as a cover for your chairs – tied as a ribbon around the chair looks best. Twine can be incorporated into almost every aspect of your wedding décor. It can be tied around your cutlery, your flower arrangements or even your candle holders and vases. Combining burlap with lace or twine with lace is always a winner because the white from the lace breaks up the look and adds a beautiful touch of romance.All three materials are quite affordable and easy to work with.


Another clever idea for rustic weddings is the inclusion of painted wooden or chalk board signs. The DIY signs can be purchased for relatively low prices and can display whatever message you like, truly personalising your wedding reception. The signs might serve a genuine purpose by pointing guests in a certain direction or they can simply display the date, the couple’s names or even a simple fun and quirky quote.


Kristi Charter is a passionate freelance writer, inspired by all that is beautiful, fresh and creative. With a keen interest in the wedding industry and a wide array of knowledge, Kristi is a regular blogger for Wedding Invitations Sydney.