Top Tips for Interior Design on a Tight Budget

There are so many different ways to create unique, affordable interior design solutions. The problem is that there so few people willing to engage their imaginations and discover any of them for themselves. We’re daily bombarded with the notion that elegance and class can only be gained with money and it’s just not true. You don’t have to have a lot of cash in the bank to be able to transform your home into something really special. You’ve just got to let loose and let your imagination take over.

There are lots of reasons why a home owner might turn to DIY design solutions. They could be on a tight budget, they could just be a very creative individual. Whatever the reason, it’s important to realise that you have the power and the opportunity to really personalise your surroundings, says journalist Ross Jones-Morris. Plus, you can do it without spending all of your hard earned pennies, too. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to achieve elegant interior design solutions on a budget.


Make Yourself a Piece of String Art

You’d be floored at just how beautiful well made pieces of string art can be. The term might sound a little basic, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Take a quick look at some of the epic examples available on the internet and then make your judgements. If you like what you see, you probably want to know how these rather remarkable pictures are achieved. First, you draw your intended design, making sure that the colours all match. Then, you press this design flat against a cork tile and use large, round headed pins to trace it out. Once you’ve finished placing the pins, gently remove your design and use it to as a colour guide. You’re going to use thick, coloured string to connect the pins and create your image, say the experts at

Indulge in Accessories That Smell Great

This next tip is very simple to follow but extremely effective. Buy two or three medium sized ramekins and fill them with strong coffee beans. Place a simple vanilla scented tea light in each ramekin and then sit back and enjoy the truly delicious aroma that appears as soon as you light each candle. These scrumptious little ramekins look great on a coffee table or a mantelpiece. Make sure to light them when guests come round – they’ll never want to leave.

Turn Old Photos into Attractions

You don’t have to go out and buy a basket load of expensive photo frames to be able to show off your favourite pictures. In fact, most people prefer quirky or unusual frames that have been made by hand. Fortunately, there are a hundred and one different ways to achieve this. Some of them are intricate and complex and some of them are very simple indeed. What you decide to do will entirely depend on how much confidence you have in your own artistic abilities. Why not try transferring old photographs onto wooden blocks and then hanging them on the wall as pieces of 3D artwork? journalist Michael Zhang calls this a cool and easy way to create beautiful DIY accessories.

Create a Cool Chalkboard Frame

This is a great alternative to mundane and fussy magnetic notice boards. It looks a whole lot prettier than a cork board, too. Plus, it’s easy to achieve – just so long as you’ve got access to a panel cutter or a circular saw. First, find a picture frame that you really love. You can paint it or leave it exactly as it is – it’s up to you. Purchase a sturdy piece of chalkboard that will fit within this frame. It doesn’t have to be an exact fit but the closer you can get it, the easier your job will be. Use a panel cutter or a small circular saw to cut the board down to size, if necessary. Last but not least, affix the board to the picture frame with a few well placed nails. Then, simply hang it in your kitchen.

Cassandra Dance is a home and lifestyle journalist. She recently sold her own house with the help of Balgores Property. She can usually be found sharing interior decorating advice on her blog.