Toronto Plumbers – Regular Maintenance of Water Heaters Perform Efficiently For Long

Toronto Plumbers – Regular Maintenance of Water Heaters Perform Efficiently For Long

With regular maintenance, water heaters can make their water tank heaters last long years instead of having them replaced in a decade.

How Storage Tank Water Heater Works?

Cold water pipe or dip tube is connected to the tank’s bottom, where it gets heated by electric, or gas burner. The warm water rises naturally and it is drawn out of tank top as needed.

Tanks are designed from steel, so prone to corrosion and deterioration. Anode rod is inserted inside the tank to attract the oxidizing agents. The water tank size is 20 to 80+ gallons but if supply is used quickly, you are certain to get cold water. You will have to wait for sometime until water gets heated, so determine your needs, before purchasing. Until the heater is working, you ignore taking care of it. You experience common issues like –

  • No hot water (pilot light issue and needs professional help)
  • Water not sufficiently hot (perhaps the dip tube is faulty)
  • Hot water capacity is small and runs out very soon (maybe due to increase in usage)
  • Makes noises (sounds may start or stop with water usage, so call a plumber if problem persists)

Relighting The Pilot

Unlike match, lighting re-lighting the pilot in new water heaters is easy because they include an electric spark generator, just like gas grill. However, it does not matter, if you have a water heater that needs to be lit with match or electric, if you smell gas avoid re-lighting it yourself. Just open a window nearby and call the gas company.

How Tankless Water Heater Works?

Tankless heaters supply heated water on demand. As water gets drawn, it is heated rapidly by high powered burners in-built in coiled heat exchanger system. Tankless heaters are expensive but it depends on the water usage habits in your household.

Practically, tankless heaters provide endless supply of warm water but it cannot handle washing machine, dishwasher running and two people showering simultaneously. Another assumption to understand is the meaning of ‘instant hot water’. It means you have to run water long enough and allow pipes to get clear of cold water, before hot water can be used, just like in standard tank water heater.

Therefore, if your family is small installing and maintaining of tank water heater is much cheaper option. If you are unable to handle the periodic cleaning just engage ADP Toronto Plumbing services for annual maintenance.

Solar Heater System

Passive solar system is the best alternative in sunny climates with mild winters. Active solar system is applicable in colder climates. Solar system installation is good for the environment but in terms of economic savings, its initial installation cost is extremely high.

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