Trendy Holiday Tips for Your Home

The season’s festivities call for a celebration of togetherness. The best way to prepare the stage for parties and small gatherings include a well-designed home. Be ready to welcome guests and share holiday moments with them through inspiring and interesting design elements. You can choose specific areas in your home to decorate, and these small details can make a difference in memorably spending the holidays.

Key Design Characteristics

Beautifying your home in time for the seasons need not be complicated and cluttered. You actually just need to think of three characteristics when it comes to setting up the most welcoming and inspiring designs: Sense of Welcomeness Simplicity and Functionality.

  • Sense of Welcomeness

Guests arrive at your home for a purpose: to visit you and enjoy your company. It just makes perfect sense to have your interiors laid out for them to be comfortable enough in spending time with you.

  • Simplicity

Clutter gets the eyes confused. This principle specifically applies to how you design your home as well. You can choose focal points in your interior for the guests’ eyes to remember by, and you’ll be all set to having a memorable get-together with them.

  • Functionality

It pays to be constantly practical by the way you place selected elements in your home, particularly in your living room. Key furniture items should be placed for a purpose, and there’s no reason for pieces to be unnecessarily placed in awkward parts of the house.

In any kind of occasion, the three mentioned characteristics should consistently be maintained. This lessens the tendency for you design to get confusing and guests can still have a feel of your design intentions at home.

Design Trends for the Season

There are annual design elements to look forward to especially during the holidays. For the year 2013, these main trends are worth your while to glance through:

  • Fabulosity and Glamour

fabulosity-and-glamourPhoto Credit: Debi Hamilton

All things glitzy and sparkly are encouraged this year. Some key colours you can look into are magenta, bright pink and purple. More glitter means increased festivity for the year. This means a sign of opulence and royalty will generally be accepted for this season.

  • Class and Elegance

class-and-elegancePhoto Credit: Pamela Morgan

One need not think of traditional takes on Christmas designs. Classic and elegant touches of the holiday interiors may be borderline traditional. You can capitalise with this year’s designs through using classic colours such as red, gold or silver.

You can also think of themes which persisted for centuries, and you can use them as hints within your interior. These would still depend on your preferred design and lifestyle. Some ideas include Venetian, Victorian and even vintage touches of the previous decades. Make sure to use the elements in moderation, since everything done in excess wouldn’t be as pleasant to look at.

  • Budget Friendliness

budget-friendlinessPhoto Credit: Joyce Menyasz

In contrast to what seems like an opulent approach to choosing your Christmas designs, the main rule still focuses on affordable selections. DIY ideas abound online and it’s practical to look at inspiring pieces which can be your stencil in making your very own crafts at home. At the end of the day, it’s your design taste which matters and this can make a difference in making your interiors looks as welcoming and memorable especially during the holidays.

Festivities should be set with the proper stage and design. Most importantly, you should make your home as welcoming as possible while still not losing sight of your personality. Your house guests are visiting your home for the holidays to enjoy your company and one extra mile you can take is to show your welcoming style with the latest Christmas decorations.

He is a gardening expert and enthusiast about his home decor and gardening. He writes for a number of online gardening publications and decorating tips on various subjects.