Tuft and Needle – Highest Selling Mattress in USA

Imagine a scenario, when you are in need of a new mattress. You would be required to shop for the best and most comfortable mattress for you. It would be imperative to mention here that a mattress is an important piece of household furniture. You have to be very meticulous when purchasing a mattress, as you would be spending plenty of time on it. A good quality mattress would cater you with sound sleep. As a result, your mood the next day would be highly dependent on the kind of sleep you had last night.

The leading name in the mattresses industry in USA presently has been the Tuft and Needle Company. What makes them widely popular, let us find out?

What Is Tuft And Needle Company?

The Tuft and Needle Company has been into business ever since two friends got disappointed over a purchased mattress. They had purchased an affordable mattress that did not match their expectations. At that moment, they had this opinion that the higher price mattresses would be more comfortable and of better quality. Their opinion turned out to be mistaken belief later. They sought advice from the mattress store to purchase an expensive mattress. Their uncomfortable purchase became their agony when they were unable to return the expensive mattress.


What Could You Expect From Tuft And Needle Mattress?

The state of the art Tuft and Needle mattress has been manufactured in USA. As a result, the mattress has been made affordable by common people. This vacuum packed, rolled and delivered in a box mattress would be delivered within a week to the customer. This 10-inch mattress weighs approximately 65 pounds.

The 10-inch Tuft and Needle Mattress does not encompass memory foam or latex, but has a benefit of both. It offers great pressure relief along with a bounce back feel.

The 10-inch Tuft and Needle Mattress offers innovative material that stays cool even in hot temperature. The mattress would remain cooler as compared to memory and foam. However, the 10-inch mattress maintains its firmness intact.

The motion isolation of the 10-inch mattress would not let you disturb your partner’s sleep when you get out of bed late at night.

Lastly, it offers relief from neck and back pain. It is neither too soft nor too hard. As a result, it offers perfect sleeping position providing you a great night sleep. For more details on best quality Tuft and Needle mattresses, you could log on to sidesleepers.net.

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