Upcoming Design Trends

Decorating your house can be an exciting but time-consuming task. However if you have the brief theme and rough idea about the final outcome, it should be an easy task. However, if you find yourself stuck for ideas, why not opt for one of these trends or better yet, combine a few and see what you come up with.

Decorating your space involves a lot of planning and shopping. Make a list of everything that needs to be bought and what needs some updating. You can easily do this by using polish flooring Perth and paint walls to give a fresh new look and add some new furniture and accessories or a quick update.

Some really popular décor trends:


Texture have always been popular. Try to incorporate things like faux fur in sofa covers and rugs, woollen rugs, soft fabrics like linen and lace for curtains. Mix and match textures for a really rustic look.


Florals are a great décor choice and can help soften the overall look. Depending on your individual theme, go for bright colours like yellow, pink and orange with small florals or dark shades like black and blue with bigger florals. They look in curtains, cushions and even vases and lamps. So, the possibilities are endless.

Add Some Drama

People have really started to accept the bold colour trend. Gone are the days when you would paint your walls a boring white or cream. Nowadays it’s all about colour and bold ones too- think vibrant reds, blues and purples. Paint one side of the wall in a bold colour leaving the rest in white for a dramatic look.

Blue Is the New Black

Although black might be the popular colour choice when it comes to clothing trends, blue stands out in interior décor. The most popular choices are denim, navy and turquoise. However there are a lot of new shades popping up so it will be interesting to try some new shades for a fresh look.

Bold in Gold

Gold in décor has been quite popular for some time now however for those new to the trend, start small with using it in faucets and hardware before splurging on bigger items like a lamp shade or coffee table. If you are after a wow-inducing look then this is the right one. Remember to keep the rest of the décor simple and understated so the gold really stands out.

If you want to go something a bit bolder, why not mix and match a few metallic items in gold, bronze and silver. It could be a cool look but just to be safe, start small and work your way upwards.

Outside In

2015 was the year of bringing the outdoors in and that is going to stay for a bit longer. Add some colour to your living space by choosing plants in different sizes and shades.

Soft Pastels

Although bold colours are having their moment, pastels haven’t been forgotten. Some rooms in the house need softer décor and pastels are the ideal choice. Baby pinks and blues and lilacs are all really popular at the moment especially when it comes to bedroom décor.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.