Upgrade Your Interior with the Latest Trends

Upgrade Your Interior with the Latest Trends

The prediction for interior design trends in the coming year are a generous blend of colors, designs, fabrics and textures that range from retro and traditional to contemporary and modern. Shapes, patterns, themes and a variety of new products provide the chance to mix, match and express individual personality and style.

Material Options

Bringing the great outdoors inside is a growing popular trend and offers limitless possibilities for an organic design. Decor comprised of exotic or salvaged woods might be featured in flooring, room trim or furnishings. A variety of stone options range from natural and rustic to luxurious granite or marble flooring, countertops or backsplashes. Bright bronze metals are also expected to make an appearance as the base of furnishings, room trim or artistic creations. Colorful glass is another material that has a wide selection of uses. Recycling is definitely a plus and may include anything from reused fabrics to seasoned wood. Combine a number of materials in the same room and be sure to add a few live plants to the mix.


Draperies and upholstery made from linens provide a casual, country feel. Corduroy is another option. Furnishings or accent pillows crafted using authentic animal hides, having the hair intact, help create an overall exotic theme and also add to an organic setting. If desiring a more elegant atmosphere, choose satins, silks or velvets. Regardless of textile choice, fabrics featuring cultural patterns are also coming in and may include anything from Asian motifs to Southwestern designs.

Interior Colors

A classic ambiance is easily created using a combination of black, white and gray hues throughout the room. Shades of blue and green are also gaining in popularity. For a bit of a retro vibe, think bright colors spanning from yellows and reds to blues and purples combined with more subdued earthy tones to present amazing contrasts with accents. Conversely, a range of pastels are also acceptable. For a more organic feel, combine multiple shades of browns and grays with hints of green or blue and metallic accents. If preferring the darker, deeper values of a Goth-like atmosphere, consider chocolate browns, forest greens and blood reds contrasted with bright white. Instead of creating an air of mystery, these color combinations might also represent a natural forest or garden setting. Darker hues also serve to make a warm and welcoming interior.

Combo Decorating Ideas

Combine stripes with solids or geometric shapes and floral designs. Add posters, handwritten letters and words on black or white painted walls for a contemporary yet retro style. Furnishings might include anything from bean bags and lounges to wicker. For a more classy or romantic theme, consider furnishings featuring glass, light woods and polished brass. Artwork or decorated furnishings come in an array of options. The minimalistic style of Scandinavian environments is also always popular. Enhance interiors with large canvas prints or photographs. Incorporate folk art, fairy tale or mythical designs. Decorate with colored accents of china or glass features. Find a place for personal artifacts or other prized possessions. Collectible pieces are always fitting.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.