Use of Acetal Rod in Various Industries

Plastics are fast replacing many materials in the daily lives of various individuals as well as in manufacturing and another industrial sectors. Things that were once considered could be made from using only iron, steel or other metals, are changing the notion with the use of plastics that are readily and widely available these days in various shapes, sizes and forms, while also reinforcing their versatility according to the respective usages. Acetal rod is one of the more significant materials that are needed to manufacture multiple components under various scenarios effectively challenging the old school thinking, and they are, in fact, gaining more popularity and acclaimwith each passing day.

Advantages of Using Acetal Rods in Manufacturing

  • With increased durability andreinforcement, these types of rods are being used to make various parts of machinery from gears and pinions to the screws, nuts and bolts. They are a cheap and efficient solution to the manufacturing process that is otherwise said to be very complicated and costly.
  • The acetal rodcharacteristically has a low frictional coefficient and is semi-crystalline in material with high wear and tear properties. They have high capability and durability that helps them withstand much force and pressure that match or even surpass the age-old ways and materials.
  • This type of acetal rod is advantageous for use in moist and wet environments where the chances of rust and decay are concerning to say the least, especially in case of metals. As a lightweight material whilst being durable and having high tensile strength, this type of rod is replacing the other alternative materials, and manufacturers are using them on a regular basis and changing their existing technologiesin order to adapt inventory and structure made from acetal copolymer.
  • Acetal rods can sustain both longitudinal as well as lateral stresses because they are capable of withstanding great fatigue without significant chances of breakdown.
  • Since they are cheap compared to other alternative forms of rod materials, they are making inroads in the manufacturing sector to give more profits, yetproviding a durable solution to the manufacturing unit issues that are being prevented from lasting long in their respective markets.
  • As these Acetal rods can be made into the any required shape by heating them or getting them threaded in the CNC machines, they provide a precise solution to the item that is necessary to complete the manufacturing of the resultant item.
  • As the rods have excellent stability with zero porosity and are machine friendly if they are used to manufacture bearings, bushings, rollers, gears, valves, manifolds, wear pads and fixtures.
  • Possessing zero electrical properties to conduct electricity they are used in electrical gadgets where high insulation is needed and mandatory.

The Growth Rate

  • The best alternative material that is available so far in the industry, the acetal plastic rods are making rapid inroads in all types of manufacturing sectors, and the rod manufacturing units are themselves growing at a rapid pace.
  • More and more innovative ideas are coming up about upgrading the technology of these types of rods so that the limit of their usage can be expanded upon. They are providing a cheaper solution to the manufacturers for production without compromising the overall quality of the end product.
  • The future of the manufacturing units, mainly electrical and the automotive, is dependent on this alternative material, and the plastic sector is growing and branching out exponentially.


With the rapid growth in usage of theacetal rod in various industries, the demand for the material is growing day by day. They are one of the cheapest yet durable solutions to the traditional elements that are already in use. As the technology is developing, the product is concurrently penetrating more and more market segments. The future of the rod material is bright, and many can start their own business to do fabrication jobs using these types of content and earn a handsome profit with significantly less investment. Adapting to the latest technology is always beneficial and essential for almost any type of business in the world.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.