Weddings: A Dummies Guide to Flower Arranging

Wedding flowers can be quite a tricky thing to sort, obviously everyone has their own idea of what would look good and our lack of general flower knowledge can shine through when we decide to make the arrangements ourselves. But there is no need to panic as there are some basic tips and tricks you can follow that will leave you feeling a little more accomplished and will teach you the bare basics of simple flower arranging. From the centrepieces to the bouquet, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.



These are the bees knees of the wedding, you will be carrying them from the start all the way to the end of the ceremony, so you need to make sure you get it right. Personal preference has a huge influence on the way you arrange the flowers, if you like bigger and bolder flowers then you need to choose a select few (otherwise the bouquet will be bigger than your head!) and if you like smaller flowers you need to select an array to fill out the space. The bouquet is usually around the same size as a dinner plate, using that as a template to can pin point exactly how much room you have to work with. You can even draw on a plate to get an idea of what your arrangement may look like.


With these you don’t necessarily have to keep with the same colours or theme as the bouquet, most centrepieces are comprised of green leaves and branches over actual flowers. You can place your plants in vases, buckets, bowls; it’s really up to you. Just be sure that there is little to no water in them as they can be knocked over by the guests and the last thing you want to do is soak them top to bottom! Choose smaller more delicate flowers for your tables, this ensures you have enough room for peoples plates should they be eating.

Larger Potted Plants

I’m not talking about palm trees or anything like that, I’m talking about small trees and tall plants that are dotted around the venue to look pretty. You need to be sure that they are stable and tied down/together so that they cannot fall on anyone and you also need to be sure they do not obstruct paths or views. They can add to the wedding but they can also take away from it, so choose wisely.


Not many brides will opt for this as they think it’ll be too expensive and take too much time but in actual fact you can make one of these for under £100! You can get the frame for cheap with any kind of garden centre, and then all you need is to get some wrap around plants such as ivy and cover the lot in it, adding any flower of choice (preferably matching the bouquet) and tie it all down/together with good old fashioned cable ties. You don’t need to worry about being overly delicate as the flowers will only be used for the day itself and can be fairly robust.

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