What Do You Need to Become a Builder in Australia?

To get close to the builder career you have envisioned, it’s not enough to be attracted to the construction field; it takes skill and certain qualifications. A builder’s job can be varied. It may range from raising constructions to repairing old ones, fixing broken structures or giving old buildings a new purpose. It takes material knowledge, too.

The Technical Skills Needed By Builders

First, you need to have worked as an apprentice or labourer. This is the first level of experience for builders. There are no diplomas or courses required for such jobs. However, if you want to move beyond that, then you can improve your theoretical knowledge by attending a builder’s course. To obtain the Builder’s licence in Australia, you must complete this level of training and get a qualification. By taking this step, you get closer to more advanced jobs.

The Diploma of Building and Construction

This can expand your options considerably. Take the appropriate building and construction courses to get the needed practical skills in order to manage and get involved into various construction projects. Thus, it will help you secure a job as Project Manager, or perhaps a Site Manager.

How to Obtain the Builder’s License in Australia?

This will allow you to work on bigger, more important projects with loads of varied tasks. It will make sub-contracting unnecessary. Education is important here and each state has different rules. Therefore, you will have to check with your local institutions to see what is required (e.g. the NSW Fair Trading or the Queensland Building and Construction Commission).

Should You Start An Apprenticeship?

Until not long ago, this used to be every future builder’s method: dropping out of school as soon as they could and getting practical experience in the building trade. While that may still work today, not many employers are happy to skip the high school diploma; it just no longer spells anything good about the candidate. Even if you get hired this way, you won’t have access to better paid jobs, but apprentices with higher education will.

Cadetship for Students

It is possible to start earning practical knowledge while you are still a student. If you’re already enrolled in courses for a Builder’s licence, you may try the cadetship. Although similar to apprenticeships, it pays a lot better. The downside is that it’s not too easy to come by and, once you do, it will schedule really tight.

Construction Worker vs. Construction Manager

While it all starts with acquiring the basic builder skills, you must think early on of the path you want to take. If it’s a management job you’re looking for, move towards it. However, if you’re only thinking of enjoying the great outdoors and staying a construction worker, you should know that this isn’t a job for your entire life. At some point you will have to move on to something else, as your strength will begin to fade. Construction work is highly demanding and requires a good level of fitness.

If you still haven’t decided what to do, you need to hurry up with you decision. It’s best to start construction work as early as possible, to make the most of your young years. It will also maximize your chances at earning a better salary.

Espana Gomez is an author of this blog. Recently she works as an interior design assistant in her town. She loves daydreaming about beautiful homes and interior decor.