Winterising Your Garden in 4 Easy Steps

Winter can play havoc on your garden. If you love to have a beautiful garden all year round, there are simple ways that you can ensure that your garden is not affected by the inclement weather. While the frost and snow can look hauntingly beautiful, it can play havoc on your plants and crops. So, now is the time to consider how you will preserve your lovely garden during the cold, winter months.

Winterising your garden need not be a difficult task. You can make sure that your garden is the epitome of beauty during the winter in four easy steps.


Source: Phil Richards

Mind Your Bulbs

The bulb can take someting of a beating during the winter months. So, make sure that you are investing in winter hardy plants so that you don’t suffer a lacklustre garden. Bulbs can be easy to grow. Opt for weather resilient and seasonal bulbs so that your garden looks stunning despite the winter chill. Flower bulbs do have a minimal temperature limit. Do check this before you plant. Of course, you don’t have to worry about your plants dying during this time. You can invest in cold protection paraphernalia such as sawdust and peat moss. You can also invest in HydroGrow LED lights so that your plants and crops remain warm and toasty.

See What You Can Bring Indoors

Bringing the outdoors inside can be problematic. But, if you want to winterise your garden and save some of your plants, flowers and produce, it may be advisable to bring them indoors. Create a small, clean space within your home to tend to your plants. Make sure that they have access to artificial and sunlight. This will ensure that they thrive and prosper during the winter months.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance can be problematic during the winter. The ground can be wet, resulting in overgrown grass. The frost can kill the grass leaving it too short. The key to avoiding a patchy lawn is to ensure that you use a fertiliser on your lawn. Don’t use too often. Once per month is sufficient. This provides stable growth and discourages patches and bald spots on your lawn. Many people believe that they don’t have to maintain their garden during the winter. But, this can play havoc on the aesthetic appearance of your grass during the summer. Fertilise once a month to encourage growth.

Keep on Pruning

You need to make sure that you are chopping, clipping and cutting your plants during the winter. By getting rid of debris from the garden, you can ensure that your plants can thrive. Clearing away mulch is important too. This keeps pests at bay. Clip dying foliage and ensure that your garden looks beautiful. Not only is the aesthetic look of your garden enhanced, but it ensures that your flowers can thrive even in the winter. Having dead parts on the plant can hinder its growth. The key is to make sure that you are cultivating and preening your plants even in the cold elements.

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