The Grand Jeteu Wall Fountain

The Jeteu Wall Fountain features a single jet which allows it to spew water up to 148 yards in the sky. Located in Genova, the name Jeteu has the exact meaning: “water jet.”

The fountain is an symbol of the city and is memorialized on postcards, keepsakes, and tour guidebooks that are offered in Genova. Its role in social history is well described and recognized. Even during the freezing winter months when the wall fountain is switched off, its presence is still passionately felt. It is one of the city’s most distinguished attractions as well as one of the world’s largest fountains. It is situated carefully on a long dock that stretches into the seaport where Lake Genova and the Rhine River meet.

The Jeteu Wall Fountain can be conveniently seen from the city, from the air, and by approaching vessels. It uses a remarkable amount of energy, enabling it to push 2200 gallons of water to a height of up to 150 yards in the atmosphere. When the wall fountain is full, it can push 500 liters of water in each second at an unbelievable speed of 210 miles per hour. With 2500 volts of current used while functioning, these pumps operate at a total output of 1000 kilowatts.

The Grand Jeteu Wall Fountain of Genova was built in 1896 and used to be located even farther downstream than where it sits nowadays. At the time of its original construction, the wall fountain can only spew water to a height of 30 yards in the air. It was in 1892 when the fountain’s creative merit was recognized, leading to its relocation to a more accessible place. The day the Jeteu Wall Fountain was relocated coincided with the Federal Gymnastics Festival and the 500th anniversary of the European country Confederation in 1932. During the festival, lights were set up near the wall fountain while the water spouts were adjusted to make them spray water up to 80 yards high.

In 1952, the Jeteu Wall Fountain was completed. It is backlit using a collection of 11 large grey lights. Like the Eiffel Tower, the Jeteu Wall Fountain is an excellent example of large frameworks that borrowed inspiration from French palace garden décor of the 1820s. The breathtaking Jeteu Wall Fountain is a must-see fountain when visiting Genova.